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I started with the 10 week program in the Summer of 2013, and it turned into an addiction and a career. That addiction has turned into a lifestyle, and a great one at that. Farrell’s is a place I enjoy every single day, I love the workouts, the friends and coworkers, the company, the program, what they stand for. The biggest plus is kicking and punching things while burning calories!

Besides being addicted to Farrell’s, you can find me spending as much time outside as possible without getting frostbite in the winter or overheating in the summer. I also enjoy cooking and making my own recipes in the kitchen.


You can find me teaching both Kickboxing and Strength training classes at any time of the day!

I have been doing Farrell's since 2014. I believe in this program because everyone that follows the program sees results! 
Outside of the gym I love to spend time with my three boys and husband. 
You can find me teaching Kickboxing classes on Fridays at 6:15am!
I have been with Farrell’s through the Martial Arts program since August of 1998 in Beaverdale. I started the FXB program in June of 2010 in Beaverdale and started teaching the kickboxing classes shortly after finishing my 10 week session.

I am the current Head Taekwondo Instructor at the Waukee location. For FXB, I normally teach Kickboxing and FIT classes on Saturdays. I will teach the Strength Training Classes if needed.

From when I started Taekwondo in ’98 to now has been an incredible experience and I am truly blessed to be in such a wonderful program. I believe in this program’s ability to strengthen ones physical, mental and spiritual well-being through hard work, focus and discipline. As long as you follow the program, I GUARANTEE you will see results!

I love to teach students in both Taekwondo and FXB. I go to the gym frequently, attend yoga classes and am a National competitor and referee in Taekwondo. Outside of this awesome work life, I attend DMACC and plan on obtaining my business administration degree. During the summer, I love to Disc Golf and go to Outdoor Music Festivals
You can find me teaching the following class times. 

  • Kickboxing Monday at 7:45pm
  • Kickboxing Wednesday at 9:15am
  • Saturday 7am FIT Class 
I have been with Farrell's full time since March 2015.

 I have seen my own personal results and know that everyone can benefit from this program! 

Outside of Farrell's I love to go bowling and having fun with my family.

You can find me teaching kickboxing classes every Wednesday at 4:30pm!

I started my 10 weeks with the step-test on 4/1/06. I came for 10 weeks and have stayed a decade (so far!!)


I believe in Farrell's because it is effective! Regular intense exercise combining cardio and strength training, along with a reasonable nutrition plan works! The added benefit of my Farrell's friends is what keeps me coming. Everyone is here to work out, get a good sweat, and earn that fun day! It doesn't matter how you look doing it - just that you are here doing it at Level 10 every day. The camaraderie of working hard, side by side, builds that kind of fellowship that encourages and motivates us each to be here, giving it our all, every day.

I keep very busy with family events with my husband, who also works out at Farrell's, and school events for my 2 children, both of whom work at Farrell's at the front desk! It's a family affair!

I primarily teach strength and kickboxing in the evening - regularly scheduled at 5:30 and 7:45 pm - but have been know to randomly show up at other class times, just to keep it interesting! I also love to teach an occasional FIT combo class on Saturday morning.

I started Farrell's many years back and finally rejoined again in April 2015. 

I love the Farrell's program because it focuses on health and life changes instead of just exterior changes. It also emphasizes fun and community.
Outside of the gym I love my family, friends, food and faith.

I teach Strength Training classes usually at 6:15am and some 7:45pm times. I look forward to getting back to kickboxing when my sore knee lets me.
Level 2 Kickboxing Instructor 
I have been with Farrell’s for 6 years
I continue the program as it is the only thing that I have enjoyed and not gotten board with. The class are big enough you’re not the only one in class but small enough you get to know everyone. I don’t feel like everyone is watching me or I have to be a certain body type to attend like I did at the other gym.

I like to be with my family and stay active outside of the gym. 

I can be found at 5am, 5:15am or 5:30pm classes. I teach Kickboxing at 6am every other Wednesday
I started my Farrell's journey in January 2012 within the first 2 weeks of my Winter 10 week session I was completely hooked and was relieved to have finally found something that challenged me on a daily basis both physically and mentally.


This program hands down is a program that if you follow the plan that they have put in place there is no doubt that it won't work. You can go to a gym and come up with your own mediocre workout and seek out a trainer and nutritionist. As a busy mom of 4 small kiddos I don't have time for that. With Farrell's you get all of that every single day in your location. I firmly believe in this program and it has helped me gain and maintain strength, flexibility, and endurance through all my pregnancies as well as postpartum.


Outside of the gym I love to spend time with my husband and our four girls. You can find me participating in as many summer road races as possible and well as spending as much time as we can outdoors and boating,swimming, and fishing in Okoboji.


You can find me teaching kickboxing and attending the 6:15am class as well as 4:30pm or 5:30pm classes.

I joined Farrell’s in October 2009

I believe in the Farrell’s program because it works your entire body with the perfect balance of cardio and strength. If you follow the nutrition and class schedule you will see the results. Plus the people at Farrell’s are awesome and motivate you to keep going while having FUN!

Outside of Farrell's I like to stay busy. I love to run, ride my bike, travel, and hangout with friends and family.

You can find me teach both Kickboxing and Strength Training typically at 5:30pm. Occasionally I will make an appearance in a morning class.
Level 2 Strength Training Instructor 
Level 2 Kickboxing and Strength Training Instructor 
I have been with Farrell's since my 10 week session where I won the $1,000 in spring of 2014!

The Farrell's program works because of the combination with cardio and strength training, and the support of other members.

Outside of the gym I enjoy hanging out with my wife and daughter. I play the bass and sing in various bands around Des Moines. I also enjoy kayaking the Iowa rivers.


You can find me teaching Strength training classes and attending 9:15am class. 

I joined Farrell's back in 2012.

Your health is your most valuable asset and at Farrell's you will find a group of people who are friendly, energetic, and passionate about helping each other achieve goals.

I love spending time with my family and being outdoors. I also coach football and basketball.
I teach Strength Training at 5:15am every Tuesday and attend 5:15am class every day.  
Trainee Strength Training 
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Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Waukee
215 N Warrior Lane
Waukee, IA 50263

Phone: (515) 978-3000
Head Coach: Maggie Schatzle
Email: maggieschatzle@extremebodyshaping.com
Franchise Owner: Live with Intention, LLC/Josh Riessen
Email: joshriessen@extremebodyshaping.com



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