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Eat your carbs!

We live in a culture of a lot of misinformation when it comes to nutrition. Unfortunately, carbohydrates have taken a beating by fad diets and marketing schemes.

The bottom line is that carbohydrates are an important source of energy and complex or "good" carbs are essential to staying healthy and maintaining energy.

When we meet with our students mid-way through a 10-week session, one of the most common nutrition issues we see is that they don't get enough complex carbohydrates. While the FXB workouts are only 45 minutes long, they are intense and require a lot of energy. In order for our students to maintain the energy for a Level 10 workout six days per week, fueling the body with enough complex carbs is essential.

Think of it this way...complex carbs are a long-term fuel that digest slowly and release fuel for your body over the course of the day. If you don't fuel your body with complex carbs, your body will crave sugar to get a quick carb fix (anyone have a sweet tooth?). Plus, complex carbs keep you fuller longer.

Complex carbs are things like grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables. You should be incorporating complex carbs into your six daily meals - a serving about the size of your fist.

Here are some complex carb ideas for your next meal:

Sweet Potatoes
Whole wheat pasta
Leafy greens
Whole grain breads

A balanced meal of a protein (the size of your palm) and a carbohydrate (size of your fist) six times a day is the most effective nutrition advice that we can give our students. We've been doing this for fifteen years and keeping nutrition as simple is this is all it takes. So go ahead, eat your carbs!


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